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Acuate Customer Testimonials

“Ensuring we have a single and accurate view of our customers and prospects is essential for our business and brand. Acuate delivered a flexible service ensuring we maximise marketing effectiveness by communicating appropriately with our target markets within the EMEA region. ”
- Steve Yates, Database Marketing Director, Avaya
“We appointed Acuate because they offer an innovative and fully integrated suite of products that meet our data quality requirements. Their solution is very easy to use, simple to install and integrate into our existing IT systems”
- Ian Maxwell, Database Manager, Colliers CRE
“We needed to pull together staff data from several completely different systems; Acuate’s help and advice has been invaluable in giving us a clear insight into the relationships between our systems and the quality of the data within them”
- Howard Bright, Project Manager, Peterborough City Council
“From extracting data from Lotus Notes, Acuate was able to quickly turn around our data migration project, and provide a high quality set of data for us to load into our new systems.”
- Sebastian Bettley, Project Manager, ISG.
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